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Learn about Brandroid's key features, best ways to get the most out of it, pricing plans and where to find help.

Key features

Create and build brands.

With Brandroid you can create product descriptions, ad copies, email flows and AI generated analytical suggestions, all to improve the products you test and maximize the profits you make. Although Brandroid can create contents from barely any input at all, it's important to have an idea of your product so you can share as much as possible with the AI.

Creating your brand

When creating your brand, the input you give Brandroid, the better the result you will get. Our AI is programmed to give you the best result possible from the data you share, so sharing the right data is vital.

What's your product?

In this field, simply write a short description of what your product is.

For example: "A jewelry box".

What's your main feature?

Here, list as many features as you can think of. The more data Brandroid has, the less adjustments you'll have to make to the copies later.

For example: "Lets you store all your jewelry in one place without having to dig through all your jewelry to find the one you're looking for. The box has compartments and trays to store different types of jewelry which prevents pieces from rubbing up against each other and causing scratches. It also has a general storage space so you can fit all your jewelry inside. The jewelry box also has a built-in lock to provide added security for the stored items".

What's your main benefit?

Understanding the difference between a feature and a benefit, is huge. Not only when it comes to giving Brandroid what it's looking for, but also for your marketing efforts down the line. A feature is what function your product offers, something logical that solves a problem your customer has. A benefit is more so the emotional part of it. The reason to why they would want that logical function in the first place.

While a feature of a product might be "Contains over 30 different games for the entire family", the benefit of that is "Spend more quality time together with your family".

For example: "Lets you travel with and enjoy your entire collection at the same time. Saves you the hassle of trying to find the perfect piece before a night out and will make sure you never lose that necklace again".

As of right now, Brandroid only support English and Swedish with more languages to come. But for the best result, we recommend entering all fields in english regardless of the desired output language.

Our ai

Product description

After the product desciption has been created, you can edit it inside of Brandroid. We understand that you might want to adjust parts of the description. Please do so as Brandroid's AI learns from each description it's written and gains feedback from every edit you make.

targeted audience

Ad copy

Brandroid will analyze your targeted audience and decide what type of copy it will write, if it will use emojis or not, if it will use more content or less. Although we recommend to copy and paste the entire copy to your Meta ad, please make the adjustments you see fit by removing/adding sentences. But remember, every sentence should make the reader wanting to read the next.

Email flows: Coming soon
Analytics: Coming soon

Our pricing plans

As of right now, Brandroid only offers one type of plan with monthly or yearly subscription options. As the app gets more developed, more plans with more features will be added.

Take a look at Brandroid's pricing plans.


Where to go for help

Have any questions you didn't find the answer for here? Please reach out to our support team and we will do our best to get back to you within 2 business days.

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